Steinberg Approved Training Centre

PSL Academy is an official Steinberg Certified Training Centre.

Training covers an extensive range of subjects and tuition is ALWAYS tailored to suit the needs of the individual, however to offer guidance, we normally structure our training around the following courses:

Most of our Steinberg courses are run across 1 or 2 days (depending on content and user experience). Please call us to talk about your needs or register your interest in the form on the left and we will contact you to offer guidance on what may work best for you.

  • CUBASE FOUNDATION – This course provides a mastery of the software’s front end and teaches the user how to get to grips with what’s on their screen. It makes everything familiar by explaining the setup, teaches the use of different types of tracks, the mixer, recording sounds, editing them, using installed plugins and basic mixing. A must for anyone who is new to this fantastic piece of powerful software.
  • CUBASE INTERMEDIATE – This is the next step in mastering Cubase. It covers the use of group tracks, audio and midi inserts, sends, creative EQ and filtering, sidechaining, automation, basic midi editing and more complex plugins. This course also teaches Cubase users how to use synths beyond the basic presets with a foundation knowledge of sound creation using Cubase’s included synths and also touches on Halion 5.
  • CUBASE FOR TEACHERS – As the name suggests, we have developed a course aimed specifically at those using Cubase as an educational tool. Music Technology is constantly advancing and for teachers and tutors it can be a constant battle to avoid being left behind. We can help by marrying your teaching syllabus to Cubase, providing guidance on teaching methods in the developing world of music tech and helping you to ensure that your knowledge can be applied through new technology to ensure your students are bringing in the best possible results.
  • CUBASE ADVANCED (Recording & Editing) – This covers the intricacies of getting the best from Cubase when using it to record and edit audio in the studio or live environment. From gain structure and equipment setup right through to beat detection, advanced audio editing techniques, comping tools and inserts for recording.
  • CUBASE ADVANCED (Electronic Music Production) – Our advanced EMP course is probably the most thorough exploration of the capabilities of this power software that you can imagine. Advanced use of synths and plugins to mould and create digital soundscapes together with automation skills to make the mind boggle. Our EMP course will leave you with enough creative ideas to last an entire lifetime… and perhaps a little more!
  • CUBASE ADVANCED (Mixing) – One of the most misunderstood and misplaced topics in the world of music production, this course assists producers in separating the process of song creation from that of shaping the sound of the finished article. Mixing should always be a separate process from the creating of a piece of music – we explain the discipline of this distinction and teach the fantastic techniques and powerful facilities that Cubase offers to turn a completed music piece into an emotional experience.
  • CUBASE ADVANCED (Timing & Pitch Master Class) – Altering audio timing and playing with pitch for good usable results is a relatively new subject in the world of DAWs that program designers have spent considerable time on in recent years. The capabilities of Cubase in this area are nothing short of remarkable and this course teaches users how to master them for real world use. From audio quantising to intricate vocal correction, this is for the seasoned producer.
  • STEINBERG MASTERING – This always seems to be the part of the production process that is either left to basics or left out altogether. Far too often the process is misunderstood to be the practice of making a track as loud as possible. We educate in the fundamentals of the mastering process, using both Cubase techniques and Steinberg’s mastering suite: Wavelab. We cover the topic of LUFS/LKFS and clear up the subject of Loudness as well as providing advice for those mastering for publication.
  • SEQUEL – This is Steinberg’s entry level DAW for the budding young music producer or home hobbyist who wants to get to grips with producing music on their computer. It’s a great way to get started, ideal for GCSE level music tech in schools.
  • WAVELAB – This course covers professional audio editing and mastering using Steinbergs dedicated software. It also teaches the user how to get to grips with the array of analysis tools which make this software a class leader in its field. Capabilities extend to batch processing and management of metadata as well as some very advanced rendering features – all of these are covered in our Wavelab course.
  • HALION – this is Steinberg’s “Virtual Instrument”, an incredibly powerful piece of sound creation and editing software and it’s very easy to get quickly swamped by its capabilities! Our Halion course clears the smoke and releases the full potential behind this incredible tool. Learn to use the media library to its full potential, create new sounds, edit and alter your own creations as well as existing content.
  • DORICO (Foundation) – Dorico is Steinberg’s next-generation scoring application, a whole new way of working with music notation. Built from the ground up by musicians for musicians, Dorico is like having an intelligent assistant by your side. Our foundation course covers full familiarisation and the use of this fantastic new software through to intermediate level.
  • DORICO (Advanced) – As the new gold standard in scoring software, Dorico was built with today’s multi-core 64-bit CPUs in mind, Dorico will takes advantage of all of your system’s horsepower while the intuitive workflows help the user focus on each aspect of score preparation. The beauty and balance of Dorico’s output is unrivaled, with hundreds of options to control every aspect of your music’s appearance. Our advanced Dorico course covers the use of all these facilities to release the full potential of the world’s newest and most advanced scoring system.
  • DORICO (Transition course for Sibelius users) – A course specifically designed to assist advanced users of Sibelius in the transition to Dorico. We ensure that you won’t miss a beat transferring to the worlds most powerful and advanced scoring engine – you’ll never look back!